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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Procter Against Beheading

Morning all

 As most of you will know from following my ramblings here and on other sites. I am a fairly placid person, I rarely if ever have an opinion, I drift along, minding my own business sometimes throwing a phrase into the melting pot of life,  like a pebble and watching the ripples expand to see where they will take me. rarely does something raise the heckles for me to take a stance but when such an event occurs I act for myself, as my conscience dictates.Such an event has occurred and i am taking such steps as I think fit.

  Facebook has decided that it is right and proper to allow videos of extreme cruelty to be shown without censorship or parental control. it appears they think that children will not be harmed by seeing such atrocities as beheading on their screens. I think otherwise.
My conscience says that i must do all i can to protect my granddaughter from the horrors of the world for ads long as possible therefore as of now i am closing my account with facebook. I would hope others will feel the same way but i am not on some crusade this is my own personal protest. There is a school of thought that protest should come from within, well we hall know what will happen if we do that. Their will be a few days of outrage then we will all go back to accepting what facebook say and we will continue to send our messages.and nothing will change.

Think though how their directors will react if one person leaves, (won't even notice) a hundred ( a passing blip) a thousand ( might draw their attention)  ten hundred thousand (what the hell?) One hundred thousand ((have we made a mistake) One Million people closing their accounts would seriously affect their profit sheets. I am not calling for any mass protest, all i am saying that i cannot live with ,myself if i do nothing what the rest of you do is entirely up to you and your own morals. I thought will say goodbye to anyone on facebook and hello to those who desire to follow my ramblings here and on Google+

 See you on the dark side of the moon good friends. or if no one comes i will enjoy my solitude.


Facebook account closed i am alone and in the wilderness. You should have read some of the comments coming at me in the past couple of hours either i am wrong or they are time will prove which of us is morally right or wrong.  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

What makes a good story?

Hi All

    The answer to my own question is I do not know. I have read many books some I like some I dislike it is all down to personal choice. certainly as far as I am concerned I do not like erotic fantasy, seen some of that posted and to me its just another name for porn albeit well written porn, but hay ho some people like it and if there is a market good luck to those who write such material.

    Nor do I understand the fixation for all things vampire Zombie and Ghouls. A good horror story though will always wet my taste buds. I like romantic and historical fiction, crime and mystery novels something which makes the old brain matter churn to figure out the protagonist before the reveal. I enjoy real life novels by people who have achieved something over a long time, hence the reason i steer clear of anything written by anyone younger than thirty. They may have achieved notoriety but they haven't lived long enough to have experienced life tin all its magnificence.

    I love reading about real life adventure, be it anyone who has overcome some terrible situation or military who did anything extraordinary but i steer well clear of gratuitous violence or imaginary war novels. Science fiction if written well is excellent, while anything to do with celebrity status leaves me cold What I like, what I write, are good old fashioned stories with a beginning middle and end, something which you can lose yourself in for a few hours but don't have to use all your mental abilities to remember complicated plot lines. perhaps I am narrow minded, if so then i am pleased to be classified as one of the norm.

What then do others think,

Until another day