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Monday, 17 February 2014

Dead Men Lie

Morning all

 Well its done, after a lot of grief and a few choice words the new improved version of Dead Men Lie is now up and running and awaiting your views.

For those who have been waiting you will discover it has been radically altered, the changes though are subtle you have to look to find them but when you do I guarantee you will be surprised.

The printed version is off to the printers today and that should be ready in a few weeks time, all being well the launch party should be fun.

However there remains a glitch the web site is still down now resolved over night so yours truly will be back on the phone later to Sweden South Africa or God knows where else in the world such people send me.

 Be patient this will be sorted and Dead Men Lie and myself will be back on line soon.

Cheers dave  

update on the web site

Evening friends

 The old site has gone and the new site has problems
. We are working just as quickly as we can and the new site will be up and running very soon. Until then follow me on facebook
Cheers dave

Sunday, 9 February 2014

new website.

Wow thanks everyone for looking in and following the saga of this debacle.

I begin to wonder what it is about Dead men lie that causes so much controversy, other authors write there book, post it on Amazon receive dozens of nice comments and reviews and we struggle at every turn.

No I am not whinging, just making an observation.  Yesterday I was forced by matters beyond my control to publish the new site weeks before I was ready. I knew there were issues with it and as each one was mentioned i did my best to rectify them and to all those who contacted me I thank them profusely.

But stress and aggravation made me grouchy as the day wore on, I began to make mistakes none worse than while cutting and pasting i again deleted another chapter and didn't notice it until late in the evening. I now have to go through everything again, checking i haven't deleted the newest file not a great job a few days but one i wish i didn't have to do. So if i am not here for a week or so do please keep watching and liking and passing on your thoughts.

As for the book, well Dead Men Lie has to be at the printers by late Feb at the latest so as to make the June 4th deadline. That is our day to shine and i hope you will all join us either on facebook, here or in person at Rye Town Hall.

Cheers D  

Saturday, 8 February 2014

New Web site

New web site up and running, not happy with it entirely but had to get in online before my trial period ran out.

take a look at

Any comments would be appreciated but keep them clean. Not entirely sure of the background

D has been bought back off Vistaprint (rip off merchants)  and will be in place very soon so simply bear with me. I haven't been able to amend alter or adjust the old site for almost a month yet they still demanded payment to release my own domain name. what a rip off. I would ask everyone who reads this to do me the greatest favour and spread the word A about vistaprint and B about my new site.

 Cheers speak soon D

 The web site is organic, changing as we speak. I was forced to publish this about a week too soon. so forgive the errors I am doing my best to sort them out as quickly as possible. See what else happens tomorrow?????

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Good Morning.


Some of you may have wondered where I have been, some possible hadn't missed me, some, perhaps couldn't have cared less. but I will explain for those who have had concerns. We got hit by the Christmas storms and have had builder issues.  estimates ranged from the sublime to the absurd. resulting in moi spending the best part of a month on a roof between heavy rain and wind repairing the damage myself.

 That completed I then had 55 chapters to re-edit and re work/ Today that process was completed and Dead men Lie is now so good even I am excited.  Parts have been removed ( even those I liked immensely) others are so much better its mind blowing. As for the finally well it has to be read to be believed.

 For those interested I will be posting this new edition on Amazon, Goodreads and Kobo for a limited period free of charge. take advantage of this great offer it will never be repeated. As for those who want physical copies they will be available as of may and at the re-launch party in June.

 What more can i say but with all this going on it was only fair that we re-designed the web site in the next few weeks you will be able to see what we have done with it I guarantee this too will blow you away.
 So continue to follow David T Procter and Dead Men Lie this year is our year, I will tell you all where we will be, pop along speak with me and tell me honestly what you think of our efforts.

 First up we will be at the Battle of the Nations at Hunton gardens in Kent in May. The 3rd regiment will be in attendance, I will post pictures.

 This is the start i will bore you witless with my inane chatter in the coming weeks.