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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

From a stressed writer on this Saturday afternoon..

Update on yours truly,

 The disease which has laid me low is clearing at long last, it took moving to another surgery simply to get an appointment to see a Doctor but now the drugs are working. i feel the illness being chased from my body and the old self returning.

So lets have a bit of an update, DEAD MEN LIE is now three quarters re-written and even if i do say so myself it is a thousand times better than the last edition for which I can only once again apologise for. I am now into the last section where the myriad factions begin to fall into place. For those who have read this book you would not recognise it now for those who haven't as yet discovered this book get a copy when it becomes available on Kindle and the other various sites because for two weeks only it will be fre to download then for another two weeks it will be priced as low as we can get it after that it goes back to full market price so get in quick and lest see how high we can push this book.

My little dig at my local council was overtaken somewhat for which I apologise, why anyone has to bring a piece about finances down to religion was beyond me but there you go it takes all sorts to make this little world go round. My point was while we suffer, our glorious leaders live high on the hog and suffer not at all, look at the bonuses the bankers still make despite numerous firms going to the wall.

Right back to Stormouth and speak soon D

Afternoon one and all.

  So here we are on a wet and dreary Wednesday afternoon. I was just wondering, what can I do to brighten your day for you?. You could watch my magical video of me buggy jumping similar to that obsession of leaping from high places with knicker elastic tied to your ankles. Buggy jumping involves leaping high buggies without tripping over, less dangerous than the former unless attempted after a can or two.

 I should begin with an update of both this blog site and our website. both continue to grow and for that I thank you all. It amazes me how I can thump something out here in the South-east corner of England and within moments someone in outer wherever reads it and sends a comment back. This post was up a scant few seconds and I received a message from a person in Sumatra of all places. While Canada, America and Ireland continue to be my biggest readers we have followers all over the world and I would like to say welcome to them all. Strangely enough no one reads me within my home town, I wonder why, has the council got to them all?

 Perhaps that's  true in which case i had better tell you about the time I lost today, chasing a lost section of the rewrite, only to find I had mis-numbered the chapters, 45 minutes wasted but am I down-hearted, too bloody right I am.

 Then I found these to comments about my book , did I tell you I wrote a book No, well the title is Dead Men Lie and apparently its very good though my council consider it too explicit for the good residents her to read. Anyway these were lodged in one of the first posts I put out back in the days when I couldn't cut and paste, so here they are for you to enjoy once again. The first is from an old teacher who read my book and was one of the first to give it a good review,

"Procter, I thought, spent more time dreaming than learning, but is with interest and distinct pride that I discover my time wasn't totally wasted. He has produced a work of such meaningful reflection that I am proud to say I taught this talented new yet elderly author. Never did I expect work of such magnificence but if this is what he can produce, he will, I am sure, go on to become a worthy and well read author well done David".

My thanks to you as well sir.

The other positive comment comes from a person who bought Dead men Lie from Kindle and her thoughts came via my guest page at

Sylvia W writes. "I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to end, Abigail was a character I could associate with while Bayles was a true villain. The way the author plays with the reader, leading them in one direction then taking them somewhere else, keeps the story alive. The ending was completely unexpected, loved it more please."

 Dead Men Lie is now officially half completed, the re-write is going well, removing a lot of extraneous drivel, tightening up the dialogue and getting the story more focused. Difficult to do without losing the tension but by the time I have finished DEAD MEN LIE will be far better.

Here's the Plug.


 There, that's the best I can do, far better than most much better than any main stream publisher would do. No I don't require your thanks, your continued support is all I seek, and that you spread the word about my books of course.

 My job is done now I have to catch up with Tom Gasson the rat catcher and that nasty swine Bayles. 

 Until the next time, Oh and don;'t forget Friday and our hangout. 


Monday, 18 November 2013

Hangout with me!!!!!

Hi Friends

                            SORRY HAD TO CANCEL DUE TO SEVERE SINUSITIS, 
                                 WILL RESCHEDULE FOR TUESDAY NEXT WEEK

 As part of my new campaign I am doing something new. On Friday three days after my birthday, (Yes another year older and deeper in debt) I am going to attempt to conduct a video hangout. Anyone interested then join me at 2,30 pm European time. Of course it could all go tits up because i don't know what i am doing nor have I the faintest what to speak about so, no doubt its all going to go Pete Tong. (Wrong)

 There you go the invitation is out there who will be brave enough to join me.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

A new look at what I do.

    For those who still have to listen to what I said in conversation with Kori Miller here is the link again.

                  Those who have heard it have been in the main positive but make up your own mind
 So what's so new about this as opposed to all my other ramblings? Not much really except eventually I have come to realise that social networking sites are pretty useless for promoting anything new. Those who have read my blogs in the past, will know that I do not do pretty pictures of cats and dogs, they bore me witless. Nor do I like being told what I must do or like by, to be fair people with lot more time on their hands than I have. Unfortunately, there does also appear to be an influx of religion on some sites, now if that's your bag so be it but such things leave me cold. Not that I do not believe in a spiritual deity but I will go there if and when I desire it, not every Sunday when someone deems it there life's work to throw it down my throat.

What, you may be asking, has provoked yours truly into, once again, launching himself into such a tirade. Not much really, well yes there was, in fact I got pretty cheesed of that few of my so called friends commented about my latest promotional escapade. Few said well done, even fewer commented about the content, while one mentioned the five minutes that Korri spoke and said nothing at all about the interview. Is my ego deflated yes it is, am I concerned a little, I did expect just a little reaction.

Why did this happen? well I suppose one of two reasons, either it was as boring as hell or no one actually tuned in. Am I surprised, well no not really. I have come to realise that there are simply too many authors vying for attention, too many chasing that same elusive dream....recognition. Take any social networking site, they are filled with authors extolling the virtues of their latest story. I, and most likely all of us, skip through them only glancing at those that catch my eye. While I have mentioned so many times that I disagree completely with the concept of free giveaways. I cannot see the sense, or for that mater the economical viability of doing this. A few days of notoriety leads nowhere and your books are then reviewed by tight fisted readers who can't even spend a few pennies to read the work you have slaved over for months.

 Therefore I have decided that something needs to change if dead Men Lie is to receive the credit it deserves. I allowed various people to read the new reformatted and re worked edition. I have slaved away doing what was suggested, it is now slicker more refined. Also I will no longer be wasting hours per day frantically watching what, if anything people, say about me or my work. I no longer care if they think I am useless or if the book stinks, it is my work, my story, as such I will be pouring all that time and energy into promoting the book. Authors rarely, if ever, read other authors work, so what is the point of flogging those sites. I need readers and somewhere long the way I appear to have forgotten that concept.      

Therefore if I have something to say I will say it here. At lest you my loyal followers do so because you wish to be a part of my world. I will, as of now, attempt to keep you informed, if not every day then at least twice a week. I will post what is new and what is happening with both myself and the books I write. More importantly you will be the first to know when the 'You Tube' promo goes live. I am working on it, it won't be that slick, in fact it might be pretty rubbish. The reason is I do not have untold thousands to spend but it will be me. I will do my best and that is all I can offer, you will always get honesty from me, I won't give you loads of crap and say this is great when it isn't. That's why, when I made a mistake, I was the first to admit it, to hold my hands up and tell you that I had submitted the wrong edition for publication. That's why we are offering to replace those editions with new copies to anyone who wants them ( mind you remember that those crap copies may eventually be worth something)

 We are going to the Kent Show, in 2014 where the new re-launch will happen, attend if you can, don't if you can't be bothered but I will be there and would be pleased to meet as many as possible.

 This is the premise of my new advertising campaign, honesty, no bullshit. Which is why, hopefully you will believe me when I tell you that this new edition of DEAD MEN LIE is absolutely brilliant and that you should all buy a copy and find out for yourselves.  

 Oh by the way, as and when I have the time, I will post a few of my short stories. I intend to make them into a book for next Christmas so keep a few quid in reserve for that.

 Cheers D

 More soon.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Good afternoon everyone.

 It seems some have been experiencing difficulties finding the radio station, so here is a link that should take you directly to the interview. Hope you enjoy what i had to say, it got a little political but hay ho those who know me will guess what I am eluding to.

Enjoy friends


 Something has been mentioned about putting DML out as an audio book, two questions how do you do this and would it be well received, answers on a postcard please.

Friday, 8 November 2013

What is Dead Men Lie?

Hi all

Here he is again Edward Bayles, reprobate, fornicator and evil minded sod all wrapped beneath the cloth of God. Nasty is too nice a word for him, if there were any justice in the world Edward would have been drowned at birth. Despite all his evilness I actually like the man.  Perhaps because like all writers we give our villains a taste of our own true self.

 What personalities do we share? I am not saying, that is for you to discover, perhaps when you hear me on the radio on Tuesday you might glean a little of what we share. So tune into backporchwriters at and discover the true David T Procter  

 This question comes up time and time again. "What is your book about?"

 To tell you the truth I have always found this difficult to answer, and if you listen to Lisa's attempt even she struggled to explain our book, so here is my latest attempt.

Dead Men Lie is a love story. Alright I can hear the groans from here but read on and see if you discover what I mean.

Samuel Worthington is torn between loyalty and the need for change, he finds love for a new country and is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Abigail is torn between duty and love and is left bereft when her love dies.
Edward Bayles loves wealth and will do anything to achieve what he wants.
Joseph Wood loves himself and to hell with anyone who gets in his way.
Benjamin Turnbottle falls in love with both wealth and a woman, can he control either or will one overthrow the other?
Sarah, Wood and Lady Caroline Cobb both love excitement and are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.
Sir Percival loves...himself,
Colonel Maitland loves the army and his King.
Adam Wood loves anything that is dangerous to achieve.
 The entire community of Stormouth love the thought of picking over the bones of Joseph Wood and his empire.
 Love is complex, it can bring people together and drive them apart. Add in the added layers of deceit, denial and betrayal and the reader has a potent mix. Dead men Lie will take you on a journey (everyone it seems, now has a journey)  in the space of 400 pages you will discover what makes this town tick. How will Stormouth  react to so much conflict.

Not bad but perhaps needs some work.

Until later


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Radio, killed the video star.

                                                               Well its done.
  I have had my say and its now down to you to comment.

                                   Check out this link it will take you directly to the interview.

It must be something I said or how I said it because I am choked in the dust kicked up by my fleeing friends.

 Of the numerous people I know I have had but a handful of comments, Those that have replied have so far been complimentary but why the silence from so many others? I can only assume I was boring, that was nerves by the way, uninteresting, the interviewer threw me off track and once the thread was lost I was like a fish out of water. Or was it because I was too controversial, sorry I speak as I find, if that upsets people then so be it, yesterday I responded to a thread and my comments were taken down, why because I spoke the truth and the person involved obviously only wanted complimentary comments. As I said in my interview if we simply feed each others egos we become one dimensional, we need good and bad, ying and yang because one can only exist alongside the other. Likewise I post both good and bad reviews, you learn from the bad, unless they are so obviously biased then like so many others I do ignore them, I detest the reviewer who so obviously has read the first few chapters and not the whole book.

   There you are my daily rant is concluded, I could go on and on and on but there are words to be written projects to complete broad beans to sow. if you have listened then feel free to leave me a comment, raspberries will be posted so be warned, bad language will not and obscenities will be sent to the great reviewer in the sky via my incinerator or the delete button.

 Speak soon my cyber friends.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dead Men Lie

                                        HERE IS SOME GREAT NEWS

              We Are pleased to announce that the re-launch for Dead Men Lie will take place at the                                                                         
                                 Kent Show in June 2014 

                                   Why you may ask is this happening so far into the future? 
                                 The simple answer is the venue is ideal, we can party all day. 

                                  We intend to make this re-launch Brash and Big and Bold  

          There will be wine and champagne available along with all manner of other exciting events.   
          Also if you would like to bring your old copies we will exchange them for this new version. 

                For those who bought e-book copies, the new edition will be available in January 

                      REMEMBER THE DATE JUNE 2014... 

                                TELL YOUR FRIENDS 

                                        EDWARD BAYLES IS BACK