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Saturday, 27 July 2013

my thoughts for today

Why is it that writing is so difficult?

A simple enough question but the answer is anything but. I wake with the intention of doing three to four hours of constructive and meaningful work. I have the ideas I simply need to write but I am drawn to the various sites I have up and running.
First of all I check e-mails from the previous night. That takes an hour sometimes more answering questions and taking orders from those lovely readers who continue to order the book Dead Men Lie. Then i have to spend time deleting myriad of multiple postings from G+ not that what you say isn't interesting but i seem to get the same ones multiple of times and as yet i haven't learnt how to delete apart from clicking on each one to delete. Then I check this blog site to deal with anything that has arisen before finally checking the website for the figures of views and visits. Speaking of which since the Stelling Minnis fair we have seen a sharp upturn in visits to the web pages. it has to be co-incidental as the majority are coming from Holland and Ireland welcome to you all though Canterbury did see a sharp upturn in numbers for a day or two. This months visits are about to top the 400 for the first time. Not that bad for a site that has only been live for a year.

 So that takes up about an hour perhaps two and now i can begin writing? No the sun is up and i am dispatched to the plot to pick raspberries 30lb so far this season and still they come, strawberries did very well as have red and black currants. Add into the mix the beans and peas we picked and now the cherries it is all hands to the pump so to speak. We are still digging first potatoes but they have gone past the sweet small ones i prefer now we are storing for the winter. Cauliflowers are coming along nicely in fact if it continues for another few weeks as it is we should have more than enough to see us through even the harshest of winters. Mrs P is busy making her jams and chutnies while I will be wine making in a few weeks the grape crop looks especially good this year.

 Once back i desire some me time but the weather is too good to be stuck indoors and i have work to be getting on with outdoors. We have a drive to lift and relay which needs to be done in the next week or so. Lunch time approaches and still words remain unwritten the afternoon looks good but even that slips away as skype messages need replying to as do letters and requests for visits. the evening now draws in and another day has drifted away from me. My summer days are long and fruitful but how i long for winter where with the fire stoked up i can settle in and write uninterrupted for hours on end.

 Speak soon my friends i have a small window of silence and i might even get chapter seventeen written today if i am lucky.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

The latest reveiw

Edith M England:- I have just finished this book and felt that i must write a review while still in Stormouth mode. I loved the story from the first sentence to the last spine tingling revelation.  Half way through I thought i had the measure of the author only for my ideas to be dashed asunder. The author is sublime at creating false trails which lead us the reader into his web of intrigue. I loved the characters and they way they were portrayed. I adored the town and the way the author shows us what he envisaged. More importantly the plot line is so well written i could not comprehend who the villain was. I shall post this on Amazon as everyone should know of this man's talents. well done, more please   

Thank you reviews like this unsolicited and genuine make the long hours spent writing all the more worth while. I have been chastised for posting both good and bad reviews but I have always said i will be honest with those who buy my work. if someone says they didn't like my story for whatever reason their voice should be heard. No way am i going to cherry pick the good ones and discard the bad, if I did this book would have a very jaundiced view and that isn't fair on anyone. 

More soon Dave   

31st July 2013

here it is the latest review from a reader named Sharon in America. These continue to arrive and I am eternally grateful to all who spare the time in expressing their thoughts.

More often than not, I don’t seek out the historical fiction genre because, in so many cases, I've perceived it as amounting to no more than “bodice-ripping” in period costume.  That’s why Dead Men Lie by David Procter came as such a pleasant surprise.  Painstakingly researched, relentlessly suspenseful and abundantly layered with intrigues, this book holds readers spellbound by its depiction of political, commercial, and societal corruption in an 18th-century English town.  The sheer energy that Mr. Procter must have expended in crafting this tale is awe-inspiring—and results in a work more than slightly reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier.  A must-read!

Our latest review. Once again a reader likes what we have done but they see errors. I must take these on board and will do so. It would seem Dead Men Lie has reached the Pacific Coast. 

3.0 out of 5 stars Period-Rich Detail for History BuffsAugust 8, 2013
This review is from: Dead Men Lie (Kindle Edition)
This book opens with a hanging that grabs the reader's attention right away. Set in the 13 colonies, solicitor Samuel Worthington watches the hanging of a client he couldn't save--a client who merely tried to protect his mother from British soldiers.

From there, Worthington is drawn into the anti-British intrigue of the period. The action shifts to England and a town called Stormouth, where young Abigail Woods must find allies and face off against a family who has essentially disowned her. Spies, commerce, revolution,and family intrigue abound as the characters interact on both sides of the ocean.

The period-rich detail in language and setting show how hard the author worked to bring colonial America alive. These characters inhabit their world fully. You can really feel these are people of the times, not modern characters transposed into the past. It's obvious the author did his homework.

Now, a brief word about the editing. There are quite a few mistakes in punctuation and grammar. Oddly enough, it's relatively easy to skip over these when reading. Still, the book could use the eye of an experienced editor to bring it up to industry standards.

Overall, the hard work the author did with the setting makes it worth a read.

hello Russia

Good day to my Russian readers you top the chart this week with views. Thank you and welcome.

Sunday 14th July  England has now taken the top spot with America second and our friends in Russia a close third. Didn't realise this small post would prove so exciting. Wonder what tomorrow will bring updates at the same time.

Monday 15th July. Welcome Holland you now lead the board. America second Russia third and UK in fourth. Will keep you all posted as this changes. Oh yes and hello to those in Serbia who have joined us recently.

Tuesday 16th July Hurry Canada just sneaked into the leader welcome my Canadian friends.

Wednesday 16th July Morning Holland you came from nowhere over night to take top spot thank you and enjoy what we have to offer.

Thursday 17th Russia streaked into the lead UK and America well adrift today oh well there is always tomorrow.

 Friday 18th  Just looked at the overnight totals and our new favourite readers are once again from Holland. Sorry Russia but our Dutch friends once again streaked back into the lead. This week it has been a gargantuan tussle between these two countries, it has been neck and neck and i hope everyone else has enjoyed the tussle as much as i have We shall have to wait and see what the weekend has in store i will keep you informed.

Tuesday 23rd July it has been a few days since i last posted varying matters have kept me away from the old keyboard bu t those matters are now resolved and i have pleasure in announcing that our Dutch friends have outstripped the rest of the world. Why i am so popular in Holland i have no idea but i sent you my thanks and wish you all the best for the coming months. I have to assume that not only are our Dutch friends finding this blog and the website interesting and that their interest extends to reading Dead men Lie. If that's the case then enjoy and relish Reverend Bayles for his evilness. More soon once i am truly back in a good place.

Wednesday 24th   I was shocked to discover that my home town burst onto the scene last night. After two years of publicising my wares around town suddenly the web site was examined by almost 40 of my fellow citizens. Welcome friends you have missed so much i hope you spend the time catching up? America Holland and Russia all vied for second spot with America just pipping Russia Holland sadly finished forth never mind there is always another day. As for your jolly author i have dedicated the day to writing, my jobs are to be put on hold so that i can catch up. All i have to do is attend my granddaughters last day party at pre-school then i will immerse myself in the torrid world of Stormouth. You won't believe what that dastardly Bayles is doing. I write it and i am shocked by his depravity.

Monday 29th  Sorry for being so slack but it has been a hectic weekend. Like so many the weather was pleasant and we took the grand daughter to meet Thomas the Tank Engine at a local railway. What a day accosted by a clown and i do so dislike clowns. Still the day got better when i drew down the figures for the web and blog sites. Best month ever since Dead men Lie went live just over a year ago. Our friends in Holland continue to lead the way with America and Russia vying for second place England i fear has fallen by the wayside after an impressive start. I do so hope and wish that site visits are an indicator to an increase in sales? I am not being ungrateful but once before we saw a large jump and no one bought a copy so many missed out on a great book  but that is life all i can do is present our product and hope others discover what we have on offer. Now time to go raspberry picking still have loads to collect along with everything else. Looks like we shall be selling surplus very soon freezers are already full.

Sunday 10th August So sorry but i seem to have been remiss in updating this. over a fortnight since we last posted the results of our website league table and the positions have been fluid to say the least. having just examined the figures i can tell you that Ireland take stop spot once again (well done friends have a pint or two of the black stuff on me). With Holland in second place (I fear i am not aware of the national drink in Holland but whatever it is i will toast your good health in it if someone would be kind enough to tell me)  taking third position is Russia (Oh dear Vodka first thing in the morning is terribly decadent but hear goes)  Our American friends along with Canada and England have fallen behind somewhat but i am sure they will return eventually. Strangely the readers of my home town are conspicuous by their absence. It would seem i still have much to do to encourage this small city to read Dead Men Lie. even with the tee shirt now doing the rounds at every opportunity ( Have you heard I wear this shirt which proclaims "Dare you read the book Canterbury Council Banned.") and another which simply states "I write banned books" subtlety was never my strong point hopefully with enough time this will generate interest especially with Christmas around the corner.
Monday 12th Aug;- A quiet night was had by all. The demons stayed away last night so i slept. Demons? I hear you ask or was that just a collective yawn of abject misery? Whatever i will explain. Our little grand daughter the apple of my eye has been suffering recurring disturbed nights recently we think it is her last teeth moving but cannot be sure. Suffice to say that for a week we have been woken at 1am and i see the demons of the night before me. Shuddering in fear i claps the sheets tight around my face and an old man of middling years is once again a child with childish thoughts. Only when the brain catches up with reality do i realise that the demons i see are in fact me staring back at me from a mirror. Now with the dawn breaking over the city i have examined the nights figures and our friends in Ireland are still leading with Holland close behind America and Canada appear to have fallen away despite a few visits from those good folks in Stratford Canada Morning all. I should say welcome to Moscow and St Petersburg but the correct spelling of Dos.....escapes me. all i can say is thank you for your continued support. By the way you may be interested you may not but the Smugglers Song is 26 chapters complete the word count is 100,000 and i have the remaining third mapped out. it has taken a long time i hope the wait will prove worthwhile we shall have to see what the editor says with her red pen.    

Speak soon D

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The trials and tribulations of an author. Part Three

Good morning World.

  It never ceases to amaze me how far this blog travels. All the normal countries are represented in the audience tally yet everyday another reader appears from some remote place. Don't get me wrong its great that so many are interested in my inane scribbling and i thank you all for joining me.

 So today i am looking at that wondrous breed that we must all encounter 'the reluctant reader.' and their faithful line "oh i never read books"

If that is the case how sad, these people have never experienced the classics or the adventurers of characters made famous by talented writers. Personally i find it incomprehensible that there are so many out there, i believe it is a simple excuse not to look at a self published book as if we are the spawn of the devil.
If that is the case then why have they such a low opinion of us and how do we reverse that jaundiced view?

I do not know how you other self published writers promote your work as for myself i will try anything. I have advertised in magazines and papers. I have looked into Television (far too expensive as yet) and radio (likewise). The national papers left me speechless when they divulged their rates for one advert for one day. So i am reduced to a limited amount of avenues that appear to work. I attend fairs and events all over the county in between i walk the streets leaflet dropping.

 If nothing else it seems to be reducing the weight so some good is coming in that direction. yet forever these reluctant readers appear. The young are the worst they don't appear interested at all but its the group i fall into that really surprises me even they are reluctant it seems to try something different. Yet once they have a copy in their hands once they part with their cash and read what i have written invariably i receive e-mails  back saying how much they enjoyed the book and when is the next available.

That barrier must be broken down if the independent author is to succeed. Perseverance is our only chance we have to keep plugging away yet to do that takes time and while advertising when do you other writers find the time to churn out book after book. Do tell as i am struggling to complete my prequel and that of my friend. There are only so many hours in the day yet i read recently of an author who wrote a novel in about a hundred days. I can't match that no matter how i try. the draft form takes time the numerous editing takes up more. The quickest i have written a book is a year from start to finish am i slow or thorough? I would rather be sure of my work than produce something of inferior quality.

 is that the reason for readers reluctance to try self published work? have i discovered the holy grail is it that so many readers have read poorly written and poorly edited work that we are all tarred with the same brush? i do not deride any author but in all walks of life there are good bad and indifferent. With publishing houses the chaff is separated, in our industry there are no such safeguards we rely on reviews and there is another bane of my life. I would rather have a bad review that constant rave reviews. Only by being told of our faults can we improve our work. All too often i see books with 30 -40 5 star reviews and yet when i read the book i find such poor spelling and grammar and blatant mistakes it makes me wonder if i am reading the same book. Dead Men Lie is up for review read it and write an honest appraisal. I even post bad reviews on my website it is time we all did the same. Only then can we ever achieve parity with the publishing houses.

 There you my moan for the day no doubt this will be viewed by some as disparaging but we all have to be responsible. in improving how our readers see us as an industry not simply vanity printers who expect our family to pad out our review section with compliments.

 More soon Dave    

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Upcoming events.

Afternoon one and all from a hot and sunny South east of England.

 Now we approach our next fair in as many weeks in Stelling Minnis. This time we are at the Windmill fair and i hope anyone passing will drop in and say hello.  Remember 20th July 12 noon until 5pm. I am told that this is the premier event on the Minnis.

 I can assure you that this time i will remember to move the parasol and keep in the shade. The beetroot effect is slowly receding. now its just a dull glimmer in the dark.

Speak soon with more scintillating stories from my mad world.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The trials and tribulations of an author part 2

Morning one and all

  Here we are again ready and willing to dish the dirt on what happened yesterday.

Trouble is there was no dirt, I attended a summer fair which was both entertaining and productive. I discovered yet again the imbalance in what has occurred since we launched Dead Men Lie. While the book is well known and selling in both Canada and America (we haven't as yet broken into Australia and New Zealand so if anyone knows people out there do please pass on our book title it would make a great Christmas Present for our antipodean cousins) We remain relatively unknown within our immediate local. I wonder why? Whatever the reason such events raise our profile.

As for the fair it was a glorious afternoon hot sunny evident from my glowing face this morning. yes i forgot the sun moves and by late afternoon i was simmering nicely. Still my suffering was worth it although sales were slow (i never expect to sell too many books at small affairs like this) the rate in which our leaflets were taken leads me to know that in the next few days the web site will see a marked upturn as well as more e.books sold. For those who did purchase copies i would like to say thank you and enjoy reading all about the reverend Bayles while on holiday.

As for the fair itself well i was placed next door to this man who had some sort of inducement for children it was a test your strength type device which rang a bell every time a child struck the plunger with a hammer. Now in his defense he did warn me from the outset that by days end it will drive me mad and it did but he attracted customers who looked at our leaflets while they waited for their children to try their luck so who am i to complain? Unlike the man in the house alongside the school who it appeared began to complain about the noise. Sorry but if you buy a house near a school church pub or any other business that was there before you moved it then in my view you knew what to expect and should accept the problems they might invoke.

That was the only blip on yesterday's fun and games, the mums won the tug of war though i suspect shannagins was their end tied to that Land rover or not? Who cares the children enjoyed themselves. Speaking of which my young granddaughter (aged 2) discovered horses are both large and that they move and that despite the height of the bouncy slide she was going to try that out. She has also proudly displayed her dinosaur painting all evening. What she will do when she has a bath tonight is anyone's guess.

Now it is time to get down to some serious writing i have been unwilling to do any this past week but the time has come the walrus said to begin so until another day take care and enjoy this summer for i fear it will end before so very long.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dead Men Lie

Good Morning everyone

Here in sunny England the sun has once again gone for its summer vacation. Two days followed by rain in good for the gardens but bad for the soul. The veggies are being looked after but it will be too damp for me to get there today so it means a day of concentrated effort here in front of my silver screened friend.

 After a weekend of frustration and disappointment i have put them away filed under another lesson learnt. My car less than a month old is sick and requires major repair. Electronics are marvelous but when they fail ohhh what trouble they cause.

Dead men Lie received yet another marvelous review last night for the moment it resides on Amazon but i will list it here and on the website for everyone to see and savour. As i have always said Dead Men Lie is a well written and researched book all it lacks is profile. If i can get the story into peoples hands then invariably they enjoy it, the problem occurs when we do not push ourselves as hard as we should.

As promised here is our latest review my thanks to K. Meador for her time:-
Dead Men Lie is an intricately woven tale of greed, power, evil and control. But it is also more. it holds suspense, intrigue, evokes sympathy and heroes come out in a fashion you wouldn't believe. 

I don't want to go into too much detail I certainly wouldn't want to spoil the story for you. But if you are looking for a fast paced, suspenseful novel with intriguing characters this is a must read for you. I clearly enjoyed it. 

 There you are and this from a successful author. Once again my thanks for a candid opinion. Discover what Dead men Lie is all about this weekend. We are at Stelling Minnis school fair this Saturday where we will be attempting something new, CD's of the book priced just a little more than the Kindle version but half the cost of a paperback. The whole team will be out my granddaughter aged 2 will be there complete with tee shirt displaying our logo so if possible come and meet us.

What else is happening in the weird world of mine? Nothing much actually have just taken on more land so we can increase the production of Mrs P's infamous jams and pickles. Speaking of which, well not really but it linked nicely we ate our first home grown potatoes last night and picked the first of the broad beans. A little later that usual but well worth the wait. Already our two friends have returned to cause trouble. Our mole is still digging away despite our best efforts dynamite will be used if he persists much longer. I can live with him that's just nature what grieves me is the two legged thieves that appear every year around this time to help themselves to my produce. The occasional missing cabbage i can live with but last year they stripped the trees of every plum we had so we are on soft fruit watch for the next month or two not that we will ever catch them can't be there every hour of the day. If i did when would Reverend Bayles ever return.

 That's enough for now time to attempt to lift the review and move it around the various sites. here come the advert again 

Dead Men Lie is available to read on Kindle, Kobo or via our website If this appeals to you then we would love to welcome you into our ever growing family of devoted readers. 

Until later have a great day   



Monday, 1 July 2013

The trials and tribulations of a writer

Morning all.

   Sorry to have been missing for so long but after the euphoria of a successful book fair my world fell through the floor. Varying things happened some too personal to mention here but this past week has been horrid.

 Only now do i feel able to put into words a small proportion of my frustration.

Ottawa;- A book fair which saw some success and for which i thank Peter and Lisa for their assistance. However here is where some of my frustration emerged. it cost me £37 to send a box of books to Canada. With printing costs and postage a substantial outlay to a small publisher/author. One that we would all embark upon without a second thought after all we need to get our product seen by as many readers as possible don't we?

Take care if you embark on such a venture because now to get me books back I am being quoted silly prices. £100, £125, 87 but that will take 6 weeks. Is it me or are these prices absurd, can England be the only place where the internet has spawned companies like Parcels2go who trawl the varying couriers for spare capacity and then offer reduced costings to make up loads?

Well if so thank God for this sad old Country, at least we lead the world in realistic courier prices.. To complete this sad story i contacted various large companies and they could all get my books home for a sensible price and in a time frame that wouldn't see them decay from old age in the process but I had to become a registered account holder, No problem  and send 6-8 parcels a week I wish there were readers out there in such numbers. So now Dead Men Lie are lost stuck in Canada without homes to go to, reduced to so much waste paper, an edifice to another lost cause.

Therefore after much soul searching and many questions being asked questions which personally i didn't desire to answer having things of far greater concern to deal with i have decided that Dead Men Lie will never be available in paperback format again. Those readers who can see the merit of this book (And there are many)  will have to consign themselves to e-book version. never again will I send copies out without first taking payment for my work. Thank goodness i refused to send the required 50 copies then i would have been £500 out of pocket.    

As you can tell i am depressed annoyed and put it bluntly disillusioned. This sad story has blunted my enthusiasm as has the total disregard for my offer to sell these trapped copies at a reduced rate.

Now back to my true task, for the foreseeable future writing takes a back seat. To those that have caused so many problems you can rest easy for a while but i will write what you are concerned about it will be delivered despite all your fears.

Until another time I leave you with one thought. Those who decried my book have missed reading what will become a best seller. To quote a famous retailer 'This time next year i will be a ....' well certainly well off.


Hello again everyone
My thanks to all those who chipped in with their comments. Yes things got on top of me but a good friend telephoned this morning and verbally kicked me hard and severely in the rump. I am now back on course re-directed and ready to go again. the books have gone they are forgotten a costly error but in the great scheme if things a trivel nothing really to get heated about a lesson learnt and that is what life is all about learn and move on. Though i would say to all you budding authors out there take heed of what happened to me and do not fall into the same trap.

 I have a few more days of writing to finish the next installment of Ride the Marsh Road then i will be back into dealing with my friends story The Pathway is becoming an interesting read even for me the writer i trust i do justice to his life and what he has endued.

Until our next meeting