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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ghost writing.

Hi all.

 Had a fascinating meeting with my client today. What he has experienced would, i am sure have driven most sane men mad. His is a truly horrifying tale of weirdness, one that i as an outsider cannot in all honesty come anywhere near to understand.

He and his family have been vilified by those they thought of as friends, have undergone things that would have strained the best of relationships yet they have persevered and why? Well to be honest because they all experienced the same thing.

Five people all saw and witnessed the same chilling events, no one else, just those five people. Who then can say they are liars or have made this story up? Possibly they did, if so why? To gain credence or notoriety? if that was the case then i can vouch for the fact that not one of them requires any sort of financial gain from the sale of this book. Such is there conviction that even I, a cold hearted writer has agreed to give everything over and above legitimate expenses to charity. He is destined to make not one penny piece, any income derived from book sales or public appearances is destined for charity. A noble gesture, one that many, more enlightened souls would be hard pressed to do if asked.

What then is his driving force? Well having now sat with him on numerous occasions and watched his hours of tapes for which i must thank him for his candour and openness. I can say with some authority that he was scared by what he encountered. Scared to such an extent that he feels the need to explain to the greater audience what awaits us and how we should be warned of those who decry his thoughts. Believe if you will, some will some will not but one thing you cannot deny is this man's conviction. Does such conviction cause concern? Only to those who see in his words problems with how they view life.

Personally i will write his words and keep my own thoughts close to my heart. No doubt our work will offend some while others will hopefully find some comfort in what we reveal. Who is right I have no idea but this world surely is big enough for every one to have their own views right or wrong good or bad.

 Now i must return to what is becoming a fascinating concept, I know the ending (or do I ) and i am excited about what he had witnessed.

Till another day



Good Morning all.

Nice to see so many  enjoyed what I wrote yesterday. I am beginning to enjoy my task. I admit at first with so much information to absorb I found it daunting but now I have found a voice the words are flowing. My client desires to see the first drafts but I am reticent, they are my ramblings, some of the text is in place some is simply a series of notes.That is how I build a story even my editor finds my creative method frustrating but we all have our quirks this is mine. However i can see his desire but I am torn between doing right by myself and his need to be assured that I am doing his story justice. A compromise is needed as with all things in life no two people have the same views.  Perhaps I should give him one chapter at least then he will see that I can write. Mind you if he looked at my website he will see that I can put a passable book together. There are many writers out there who struggle to get past the opening of a book, to those I can appreciate their agony. Ride the Marsh Road sat for many months without the structure to move forward. It only drew breath when i found its voice now it nears completion another thrilling episode of The Stormouth Chronicles.

Back to the Keyboard

More soon


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Good Afternoon.

I have been informed that the image I posted yesterday was not originally taken by my client, it came from another person. This was my mistake, therefore i offer my apologies to the author of the work and state that it will play no further part in any publication. I must also say it was removed from all of my sites as of 7am GMT on 21st June 2013. 

 This one though is an original taken by my client. Do you doubt your eyes? Is this a figment of an over active imagination, a set up or some pre-planned attempt to fool you into believing what we are going to explain? Think of it as you will but i have been assured that this was first seen when the pictures were downloaded. They were taken at a specific point in Kent well known to those that hunt the paranormal. I have been assured that the tunnels were pitch black, the only light source the camera flash no one at the time saw or sensed anything untoward but this image was see as you see it here when the digital images were down loaded.

As a skeptic i can come up with numerous objective versions as to what you see from an elaborate hoax to a trick of the light but i know the man who sent me this if he says it was genuine i tend to believe him. The book will explore more paranormal and delve into the reasons this man changed form violence to a person able to speak eloquently  about all things religious.

Keep an eye open for the release date of our book. it will expose many long held believes as myths, told to us all as a means of control, we intend to offer an alternative explanation, to uncover the truth.

Keep watching for more in the future.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dead men Lie in Canada

hi all

As we speak the Canadian small press book fair has just opened Lisa is there with copies of the book. I was taken for a walk around via Skype and have to say it all looks very interesting. The time in Ottawa is noon or just after so customers are few on the ground at the moment but it will pick up sales will do well of that i am sure and i will keep you all posted as the day progresses.

Speak later at the next update. of course if any of you would like to join in you can always download a copy from Kindle or Kobo or order a signed copy from me at

Bye for now

 Blimey didn't think this would take off so well thanks everyone for dropping in. One hour now complete my next update is due in about thirty minutes so watch this space as the old programme used to say.

two and a half hours into this fair and I cannot believe how ell Dead Men Lie has gone down with the people of Ottawa. The only thing they do not want to do is speak to me via Skype oh well that is there loss but Dead Men Lie is selling well

And thank you to all of you who have dropped in on this blog this evening.


The figures are in perhaps we didn't sell as many hard copies as we might have wished but we made an impression. Web site hits are up substantially, as are the blog site hits all we need now are e-book sales to show a marked rise and it will have all been worth it. There is a picture of Lisa taking a well earned break I have posted it on my face book page I will try and move it here tomorrow . In the meantime thanks to everyone who followed this event and a great big thank you to Lisa and Peter and everyone who met them in Ottawa.
Cheers dave

Morning everyone

Here we are again and the reviews are beginning to come in from our Canadian adventure. Lisa says that we were the talk of the fair and that is good news indeed. We were also visited by a local celeb who gave everyone his take on what we could improve upon.

Our errors were slight mainly formatting issues which we will look at for the next book in the series Ride The marsh Road Why not deal with them in Dead Men Lie? Well as i explained to Lisa every time we alter and amend the book the printers charge me for it and that has to be recouped from the readers which continuously makes the book that much more expensive,

Besides our errors are minor and only those with printing knowledge would see them. Type set margin justification and book size the average reader isn't concerned with such things but i admit the corrections will make our next book look far better.

Now back to the writing i will try and add some more later


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ride The Marsh Road

Morning all

 There you are your first taste of what will become the latest book in the Stormouth series of books. That's right from one story, an insignificant book entitled Dead Men Lie, a whole series of books have been spawned. Trouble is my editor is seeing my creative process and i think she is getting a little frustrated. At present I have 120,000 words in a series of note like forms, chapters that link together but with no story behind them as such. When she first saw Dead Men Lie it was written, the story was formatted it simply needed a lot of polishing. This book is like a  rough diamond, it needs to be shaped cut and only then can it be polished. One book can take me a year or more to write from start to publication, which is why my stories are evidently so well thought of. They are intricate, involved and with myriad twists and turns sometime even i am surprised as to who become the villains.  

  Therefore you must be patient, Ride the Marsh Road will explain much of what Dead Men Lie failed to completely to answer. Like why did Turnbottle and Wood despise each other so much. What happened to Joseph Wood's wife and What was in Bayles box?

This exciting prequel should be ready sometime in the Winter of 2014. Sorry i can't get it ready for Christmas, to rush it through would spoil the enjoyment of what is exciting even to me and i know the conclusion.

In my mind I have a further three books. Book three I envisage as tentatively entitled The ship. I know boring isn't it but that will change. I see this as the follow on to Dead Men Lie, it should explain what became of the 3rd regiment after that night in June. Also I would like to explore where Fitzwilliam's men ended up and what became of the Kentsman and her small flotilla.

Book four, well that is unnamed but someone will return and continue Stormouths torment. While book five perhaps titled The Ties That Bind will bring everything to a thrilling conclusion. Book five is actually already written it was meant to be a stand alone book but surprisingly it fits the bill nicely.

 So there you are four books to look forward to, not to mention my attempt at 'The Pathway' which has stalled while I attempt to absorb so much data sent by the gentleman involved. Each time I try to lay the first chapter out something else is revealed and I have to start again..I intend to spend the winter working on the first draft and then allow the subject to read it only then will we move forward so watch this space.

OK I have to get back to Stormouth, they are in the grip of a cholera outbreak, the doctors are at a loss as to how to end it and someone will die but who?

Speak soon Dave

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

success for a worthy cause.

hi all

good news some of you will have followed my campaign for a elderly disabled lady who was being asked to go for back to work interviews. Well after contacting various leading politicians and sending in an appeal we have heard this afternoon that she has successfully been reassigned as too ill to work and no longer has to attend these interviews.

i will raise a glass with them this evening once the relief has settled in thanks to all of you who commented on this one.

Will send more later

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Morning all

 The power of the internet is harmful, i will have to be careful as to what I write here. The reason? My subject has found me and is watching what i write. So to my client welcome and feel free to add whatever you wish after all this is your story and if we can build a base here then when the book is published we will have willing readers waiting to be absorbed in what occurred to you and your family..

As for today's postings well i am afraid that will be later today too much to do not enough time i have hours of videos to watch and re watch to get a feeling of what my guy went through.

Until later Dave