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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writers update

hello everyone

 Yes i am still alive as yet i haven't fallen off my perch and gone to that great reading room in the sky.

Though i must admit to having a basic shift in thought about what we were all taught at school as to what we should accept as fact in religion. No i haven't found god or drifted to the dark side but as you will know i am ghosting (how apt for this story) a book for a gentleman whose life has been thrown in turmoil by an experience which left him questioning religion and politics. The Pathway is coming along nicely though i am struggling to catch up on so many years of experiences and place them into chronological order while making it readable to an audience.

 As a taster and no more this bloke was a vile and insidious person not my words his. Though as children we all went in fear of him and that was from the age of eight or nine. Yet now he is totally changed polite educated in fact better clued up on this subject than i am and i consider myself fairly intelligent. The reason he witnessed events that were so dramatic that he was scared into altering his perception of life and death. His home was exorcised three times. his family were traumatized so badly he had to seek the assistance of men who understood what he and his family were encountering. is he a nut a fruit loop a con artist? All valid questions  ones to which i cannot quantify. My perception of what he went through comes from a skeptics view point but what he says what they witnessed what he has been told make me believe they encountered something. What is was what they unleashed is for others better informed than i to answer. My task is to tell you his experiences and that is where i begin to feel inadequate. However it will be written i will see it published i just hope the same fate that occurred to the exorcist doesn't befall me, what happened? Sorry didn't i tell you she died. not long after cleansing his house. weird or just fate who knows i don;t do you?

  There you are that is what i have been up to and all the while attempting to finish my latest book which was going to be called The Ties That Bind but after so much vilification i have amended that to Ride The marsh Road. While i have a captive audience can i ask has any other author noticed how the most vocal the most virulent besmirches of our art are those that have never written a book. yet they have the audacity to tell us what is right or wrong. don't get me wrong i can take constructive criticism that helps but it annoys me so much when this occurs.

  Dead Men Lie continues to sell not brilliantly but it sells in many countries . Yet i have been told the front cover is wrong too depressing the subject is wrong no one wants Historical fiction fantasy and vampires are the thing to write about. really? well not for me I would rather see not a book sold than prostrate myself at an alter of which i have no concept and little interest. The same i fear is my feelings about giving away free copies.

  I can see why its done and perhaps there is a market for such actions but consider the long term approach. if you give away 1000 copies what have you achieved nothing just a thousand people have a book they were too tight to buy they will not appreciate the hours spent writing editing and promoting that went into its creation. and when the promotion ends they will go in search of the next freebie. Sure to those authors who do it it is great to see your book near the top of some best sellers list but when it drops like a stone never to be seen again what have you achieved certainly not longevity.

 Still that is my thoughts others will disagree but dead men Lie will never be free to anyone not even my family. When i was a plumber my customers paid for my services so they will now i write for a living.

 Enough of this rambling for today no doubt i will have upset someone somewhere that seems to be my forte recently but before i go i must tell you all that dead men Lie along with Lisa my editor will be at the Canadian small press book fair in Ottawa on June 15th if you are nearby drop in and see what we have been talking about for so long.

In the meantime i will try and keep this up to date along with everything else i am doing. The small acreage i have under veg this year is waterlogged so i doubt i will be there this week just hope we get something to eat when the rain stops.

Till the next time read Dead Men Lie visit or follow us here as Arnie once said I Will Be Back  

Dave P


Friday, 17 May 2013

Ghost writing The Pathway

Morning all from a damp and dreary England.

   Exciting news well i think it is. I have been asked to ghost write the autobiography of a man who has undergone an life changing moment.

So what i hear you all cry. We've read such things before and its old hat whose interested.

 Maybe a lot of you for he underwent such a moment it turned him from a potential murdering swine into a wise man. The cause of such an event? A terrible accident and the encounter with demonic beasts .

 I know the skeptics will already be wielding their knifes intent on undermining his story determined to decry everything he says he has seen and witnessed. But before you start just wait and read what he says open your minds to what might be out there. Something he witnessed caused him to change i will endevour to explain what that was.  

More soon


Saturday 8th June

 Well here we are once again I have been busy not only with this project but with the follow up to Dead men Lie those that control we the humble writer dictate as to what they want and when they want it so i have been entrenched in the devious and sordid workings of the town of Stormouth for the past week. The story is all but complete but it needed rejigging Part one is now done and will e winging its way across the pond to Canada sometime this weekend then all i have is the next 30 chapters to complete and the book will be finished.

 Speaking of Dead men Lie the parcel arrived in Canada containing the books for the book fair in June. Not as many as Lisa desired but the few i sent plus postage amounted to over £140. Some would argue i should have sent more but i appropriate expenditure to likely reward and as this is an unknown i didn't feel comfortable s asking Lisa to spend out on return postage. That lot caused enough problems I know most of it was my fault certainly the fact i sent the first parcel back to myself. automatic address infilling is a God Send but i must remember to check what i have installed. So after two days i got it back delivered by the same bloke who picked it up i blame him actually he should have checked when he collected it.

 Then i can concentrate upon the Pathway though that will not be its final title i. That needs to be more potent more in keeping with the essence of what this man experienced. i am thinking something demonic perhaps something from revelations something like oh i don't know of the top of my head.. , The....Devil sees all???
 not original but then again i am not that original am i?
Speaking of originality i must think laterally as i am engaged in a war with a gentleman of ill repute. I have yet to see him but his trail of destruction has been noticed. Every morning i go to my small acreage and see his nights work holes everywhere. His latest antic was to crash through a row of broad beans so if anyone knows how rot eradicate a small gentleman in a velvet jacket please let me know. My father in law used to sit and wait for them then stab them with a fork i do not have the luxury of time something quicker must exist.

back on the plot everything looks great apart from that line of beans trashed everything else appears to be doing well Mrs P will have much freezing to do along with jam making to think of soon.

 Thanks i will send more soon D

Hello my friends

I fear this subject has taken on mythical proportions. My subject has given me so much information that we are now looking at a second book one that will look at his religious believes or more precisely how those believes have been altered and amended by those who have attacked him and his views. It seems he has fallen foul of what can only be described as religious zealots who find what he speaks about to be contrary to his way of thinking.

 He has supplied numerous hours of video links for me to look through which i am doing with an increasing sense of disbelieve. Everyone is entitled to their own views of course they are but the way this man has been decried, does pose some awkward questions. Like what is it religion desires to hide? Why is it we accept what we are taught by men with a narrow point of view. Even i with my mundane sense of propriety have to ask what is it they fear? Is it the simple fact that religion has worked a snow job on us invented this thing we all accept as correct. if so perhaps my subject is also correct and we have all been blinded by their lies. Take for example the bible everyone now accepts it isn't a true historical record there are too many errors for that to be the case but the church no matter what God they serve will not accept that. Nor will they admit that the bible is a story plain and simple written long after the events were supposed to have occurred by men with their own agenda in mind.Those men chose to disregard what was abhorrent to their way of thinking and cobbled together what we now accept as fact. Was the use of millions of pounds best spent on a hotel within a cathedral precinct, a hotel only open to those rich enough to be admitted. This in a city where poverty is rife and people sleep in derelict garages. I am not jumping on his bandwagon but this is a moral question which should have been asked by every Christian long ago before the church spent so much on an edifice to greed. Is it then any wonder that numbers are falling? Is that because we are slowly seeing what ChristianityPLC is really all about?    

That is why I will do as my subject demands and write his second book, I may not take everything he speaks of as absolutely correct and i am sure it will cause controversy but if i am to do him justice I must write what he desires and this will be his story not mine.

Therefore I have decided to re title the Pathway to something that is more fitting to what he requires told as of now The Pathway will be known as 'Eternity or Damnation my Vision of Hell'

Many thanks Dave


Here is the first picture my client showed me. Compelling isn't it? Thought many will say double exposure, reflection of something or someone else within the group. I admit they were my first reactions as well however armed with my skeptics head on i took this to a photographer with almost thirty years of experience and he is almost certain that the picture is genuine. Almost i hear you all cry latching onto whatever crumb is available. well no human is infallible and neither are whatever tests they perform especially tests done on duplicates and not the original apparatus. So there we have it make of this as you will. I have been assured that none of their group went to this location with the intention of finding anything this was discovered when the pictures were recovered.

 Obviously something has caused a stir within the girdle of those across the pond, as the veiled threats have started to arrive. can't wait to read the reviews on this one? Oh yes by the way if anyone thinks that this is a publicity stunt or the book is to be written to cream off a substantial amount from gullible readers then allow me to assure you all I am taking expenses only no huge fee no percentage of the profits (if any) while my client is donating everything to charity. I think that should be applauded.

More soon


Monday, 13 May 2013

What is wrong with our Country?

Hi All

 Some of you may have been following this matter on G+ but for those who haven't allow me a moment to explain what this is all about. i fear it is long and complicated but it is something that smacks at the very heart of what a civilized society is all about.

I have lived next door to this couple for a long time, they are a charming couple close to sixty years of age with no dependents to help them. During the years my wife and myself have seen (I will call her Joan) deteriorate from a vibrant woman who worked hard and yes played hard to one that is now debilitated with chronic disease and illnesses. She spends more time in hospital that at home some years yet through out it all her husband has acted as her career and stayed with her where some might have thrown the towel in and walked away. I don't know their voting tendencies but from what they have said over the years i get the impression they are lifetime supporters of the Conservative party. if so what they now are experiencing is disgusting and shabby by the party they elected.

 Joan is in receipt of various benefits one of which is a motorbility car which she uses to get around her husband is the driver as Joan is so doped up on tablets most days she wouldn't be fit to drive anyway. I know she has undergone numerous operations over the years in fact her husband jokes that she is divorcing him a bit at a time and that the hospital now have more of her then he does. From that one statement you will see that despite their problems they have managed to retained a sense of humour. Now that has been blown away because some faceless clerk somewhere had decided that Joan is fit for work.

yes this woman who has more things wrong with her than any British Leyland car of the past has to attend back to work interviews why well simple because of a bureaucratic mistake which was no fault of theirs. It seems that during the change from Incapacity benefit to the new ESA her letter about her entitlement and what she had to do if she wished to appeal went missing. Either an error occurred within the DHSS or our lauded Postal service of which i used to be employed screwed up yet again. Whatever the reason the first Joan knew of any change was when the notice arrived for her to attend these interviews. of course now the Jobsworth at the Jobs center says her window of opportunity to appeal has passed and there is nothing to be done.

 I disagree and, if permitted, will do all i can to get what i see as a gross miscarriage overturned. I have read the notes posted on G+ from various people and can only say how gratifying it is to see such support and i will keep you all notified of our progress on this site as some of my messages are delayed or deemed unsuitable to be posted it seems.  it would be wonderful if anyone with experience of this new benefit could let me know how it has affected them.

 While i support that change is needed to our vastly expensive benefits system it has to be done with a degree of compassion. The genuine disabled claimant must be supported while the, malingers must be weeded out and to do that unlike Joan who was never offered a independent medical examination such things must be done. Our weakest in society have to be protected, their lives are too fragile to be placed in the hands of faceless companies too interested in meeting targets that looking at the wider picture. Speaking of which I wonder how much these outside contractors are making? far more that a doctor would no doubt.

There you are the episode in what i fear will be a long and protracted action. I have laid the background out before you now let me know what you think. This maybe is what a Blog Site should be for to inform and rally support for causes. i plead nay implore anyone interested to do all they can to change societies perception of those on Benefits. Most are like Joan and her husband simply trying to make the best of each day as it comes to live out their lives simply and without fuss and in the dimming end of their days do they really need to be castigate by those charged with protecting them?????

 I look forward to your thoughts but  remember i will delete any that use inflammatory language or blaspheme unnecessarily. Lets keep it clean and informative  for Joan and her husbands sake.



 So today's update on this sorry tale. we have written to the local job center asking for an urgent appeal about this disgusting event. and have sent letters to the Prime Minister, sec of state for works and pensions and the local MP for what good some of them will do. But as Joan said we should do everything correctly at first. We will leave out=r bif=gger guns in hiding until we know what the lay of the land is.

More to follow


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hi friends

 well its been best part of a week since i wrote anything here and to be fair not a lot has happened.

 The dreaded Tick bite has receded leaving behind an imprint of its visit whatever it gave me has worked its way out of the system obviously Proccy blood and booze isn't well liked.

 I visited the plot today and wept with joy and pain bloody mole has found a home in the spud plot and the weeds have taken over. all that hard work and i have to start again. oh well such is life and it will give me something else to do.

 Speaking of which i have begun to lay out the next book. Yes it is 25, 000 words in. Not a story yet more like a collection of notes but from these images a story will emerge of that you can be certain.

 i am thinking along the lines of filling in some of the missing story links from DML, like what was in Bayles Box. Why was Joseph Wood so evil what is the connection between Wood and Turnbottle stay tuned some of these questions will be answered.

 As for the rest of my weekend well that's been taken up with my adorable granddaughter. Two years old and already a little madam who has ganda wrapped around her finger.

Aah I hear her again no rest for the wicked speak soon friends.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Book Fair

 By the way for anyone in the vicinity on June 15th Dead Men Lie will be present at the Canadian small press book fair

 To be held between 12 and 5pm in room 203 of the Jack Purcell community center at 320 Jack Purcell Lane Ottawa 

 Come along and see Lisa a she will have books to sell and time to talk to you about how we produce our books.

Cheers Dave

My enforced absence.

Afternoon blogger pals.

  its been a few days since I put well cursor to screen. Does anyone else miss the sense of achievement in actually writing something on paper with a real pen?????

Sorry I digress. On Monday i was working on proccy plot and was bitten. The little bleeder died instantly must be all the alcohol in my blood that did him in good riddance but it left an lasting memento  The wrist ballooned in size and i felt like death.

Call for a trip to the Doc's and there started my fun. Unused to using a hospital, I sweat profusely at the mere thought of entering such a place, i expected the GP to do all that was necessary  Well perhaps they would if one could force an way through the witches that man the reception desk. No appointments until tomorrow phone at 0830. which i did and each time got through at about 0840 by which time all the appointments had gone. Now come on the odds of that happening once are extreme the odds of it occurring twice or even thrice are astronomical  what do these people do camp out on the surgery steps or are they all gone long before the doors ever open. Anyway finally i got an appointment and low the sage tells me i have been bitten by a tick and should have come in earlier. The doctor has promised to look into my experience but i hold out no hope at all of anything changing.

  That then is the reason for my absence a tiny tic laid me low but while i was unable to write the brain laid out the formation of my next book Lisa has seen the first few chapters and I await her verdict but i will have more ready for her next week.

Sorry i wanted to write more but i feel a little unwell so i will leave it there until the next time friends.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hello all

 first of all i must apologise for my apparent lack of etiquette. It seems some are appalled at my bad spelling and appalling grammar. Unreservedly i am sorry if this had detracted you from (A) reading my blogs and posts and (B) put you off buying my book Dead Men Lie.

 I will endevour to explain  (no not make excuses but explain) I am a terrible typist one finger at most. it takes time to write things and sometimes my brain overtakes my typing. is that an excuse? Perhaps but is pretty tame isn't it. Use spellchecker i hear you all cry well there is my next excuse. Our new computer is complicated for a old man like myself. it has new gadgets and gizmos which i am still finding some elements from the old laptop have disappeared forever. Things i was used to having  like spell checker, not until today has my daughter finally got around to showing me where it is now my comments should go out perfectly without spelling mistakes, well in English no doubt my American friends will still expect to see a Z where an S is preferred.

As for my book you should have seen the first draft Lisa must have wondered what on earth she was taking on but as i explained i can spell i can write i just cannot type. So should you compare e-mails to a finished book? If you do someone should look seriously at those authors who can write a great e-mail and fall down badly in their books for reasons which are beyond my understanding As for Dead Men Lie all i will continue to say is read the book before you condemn and only then if you can do better.

 So that's one thing i have been chastised about now for another whinge my stance on how well UKIP did in our local elections i stand by what i said I am neither a racist nor a weirdo. I voted UKIP because i was fed up as a conservative voter of long standing by the lies and u turns performed daily by Mr Cameron and his cronies. Anyone who gets elected on a promise and then turns tail in my mind is unworthy of office  The Tories promised us a referendum on the EU which has now been put back until 2015. If they regain office what happens then, will it be put back again? What if Labour get in will we ever see a referendum? I doubt it. UKIP to me offers me what i desire to see happen in this once great country. if that makes me a racist then so be it but that is what we fought 2 World wars for, a little thing called democracy.

Until my next rant enjoy the weekend


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dead Men Lie

   Morning everyone.

 What then do I write about today? According to the title it should be about the book but there is a line that must be drawn. Too much of a good thing becomes tiresome and frankly boring to you the reader while to the authors our books and their promotion are fundamental in getting our stories read.

 How then to reach a perfect balance? is there any such thing. Take the picture above it is from a friend in Canada it is in my opinion perfect, beautifully framed and a wonderful composition but do you think the same? No doubt there are some that find it dull and soulless. However like the river if not fed constantly by melting snow in the mountains a book will wither and die if not constantly brought to the attention of the readers.Therefore i am going to go against convention and speak about my book again and again and again until i have bored everyone to tears.

Dead men Lie is a good book. Who says so well take the time to look at our reviews. Maybe there aren't that many but they are a reflection of what people think. I haven't dragged them out of friends and family I haven't paid for them or prostituted myself in the hope of receiving favourable reviews. Nor have I set the book out to be anything other than what it is a story of historical interest.

Some may say I haven't pushed it enough, some have even asked why I haven't advertised it more aggressively. The short answer to that is cash or lack of it. Dead Men Lie always had to fund itself, any advertising came from book sales, which was why I always intended it to be entirely an e-book. of course we had to have a few paperbacks printed but the cost involved made them far too expensive to sell commercially.

Like all authors I find it difficult to accept criticism, especially any that come from those who think themselves in some way superior to me. My old dad said no man is any better than you they all breath they all eat they all defecate just some have more money than you. So to anyone who wishes to deride my work take heed and more importantly read dead men Lie then tell me its tripe!

What i am trying to say and failing miserably is simply trust what i say and buy a copy of dead men Lie to read. i am sure you will not be disappointing. My website is now ten months old and in that time we have had over 4000 hits while the blog-site continues to grow, in fact in little over a month 2000+people have viewed my inane scribbling's. Add into this equation the various countries that we are now known in and Dead Men Lie appears to be going from strength to strength. A few more reviews would be nice and some more comments good or bad would be appreciated but i am not one to complain. thank you everyone for reading my work and apparently finding it interesting.      

As for the future well at the moment i am stuck in the sequel caught between what to do i fear i will have to start again and incorporate  a lot of note's into one new book but i will get there eventually the muse will return and something will trigger the writing juices to start flowing but for the moment as i say i am bogged down in the mud.

For now enjoy this Blog and if you are still hesitating do it buy dead men Lie Go one be a devil.

Cheers dave

Update on Dead Men Lie have ordered another print run though most will be heading for Canada and the book fair. its all go in the  office today.

By the way do please head to Ottawa on June 15th if possible to see the book in the flesh so to speak.  Lisa will need all the encouragement she can get and she would love to discuss our story with as many of our readers as possible.

Cheers Dave