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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I do not need negativity in my life.

Morning all

 Sorry for the absence but it is busy busy busy.

So many fairs fates and book signings to get organised for , e-mails to answer and books to dispatch I really do wonder where the time goes.

For all that positivity there are always those ready to rain our you parade so what to do about them?

My advice and this is just my opinion ignore them, I know its not easy but remember if they have nothing good to say about you or your book they are either troglodytes or perpetual moaners who have nothing better to do. Of course on the other hand as I have said before if their advice improves your work in anyway then you owe it to yourself to consider their remarks and either take it on board or ignore it. What I refer to here are those that try to drag you down. They are not worth the worry and heart ache.

 This week I almost got suckered into an argument with some person who commented on my book in a derogatory manner. I could have ended up in a full scale row but I remembered some sound advice and asked them politely what was the title of their last manuscript and who published it. Red faced they scuttled away, obviously no such work existed and they didn't desire to admit that fact.We write, therefore for some reason we are easy targets for those who cannot. Of course I was annoyed but only for a little while another sale quickly calmed my fury.

I still await the review by that person who stole a copy from our first fair perhaps they are still trying to work out some of the big words like 'and' and 'that' Oh I can be cutting. But the negativity is eating away at me as we speak. With less than 6 weeks to go i begin to worry if anyone will turn up for the book launch. I keep telling myself that if only those who are truly interested appear then we will have achieved something. But then little Jimmy speaks again and tells me that all these famous authors have hundreds turn out and they don't have to work half as hard as i do. "So what Jimmy they have myriad helpers doing the work for them all they have to do is write and draw their pay packet while you are creating." I can understand that but is so frustrating at times when you read of their exciting lives and i am still plodding away selling my books at fairs and wherever.

    Which is why as Easter approaches Mrs P is a little miffed that I will not be here for three of the four days. Nor was she pleased this afternoon as we took our granddaughter out I spent a few moments plugging the book and persuading the owners to take a few brochures and posters. I am sad but hay books do not sell themselves (unless you are very lucky) Dead Men Lie has to be seen it has to be touched and read, I have always said that if we can get copy into readers hands the majority of the time those readers like what I have created. The few that do not, well I can't please everyone can I?

Whatever you do make sure you do it with as much conviction and passion as you can muster. You are the masters of your own destiny and when the money begins to flow along with the Kudos and adulation you can look yourself in the mirror and say "Through my own hard work I did this and I am proud of what I have achieved." I know I will

Until another day remember the next book sold could be the key which unlocks the floodgates to all manner of things.


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